The Studio

Our main studio is 1000 square feet and equipped with a full lighting grid. Our studio can accommodate a set with multiple stations, and has double doors to accommodate small to midsize vehicles and other large items.

Four Canon XF-305 HD cameras on studio pedestals or small crane.
A 24-channel audio mixer
Our three-surface green screen (up to two walls and floor).
Tricaster 460 Video switcher.
46” LED monitor for on-set display can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
Blackmagic Hyperdeck SSD recording and playback.

Auxiliary workspaces include:

A set storage room with high bay door for large items.
A green room or catering space.
A wardrobe/make-up room.
A classroom, kitchenette, and multiple bathrooms are also adjacent to the space and available to support productions.